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Shining3D AutoScan DS-EX Pro Dental Model and Impression Scanner

Shining3D AutoScan DS-EX Pro Dental Model and Impression Scanner

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AutoScan-DS-EX Pro is a multi-purpose 3D dental scanner developed and manufactured by Shining3D, a leader in digital scanning and printing for dental applications. The scanner is specially designed for dental applications, including dental restoration, orthodontics and implantology.

Compact and powerful, the upgraded 2019 version delivers superior scan speeds, ultra-fine resolution, and built-in user interface. It also comes with optimized non-separated model scan, which intelligently plans the path to ensure superior scan results and efficiency.

Improved Scan Speed

Save time with digital scanning! It only takes 12 seconds to scan 1-4 dies. You can expect to complete an entire die order in 2-3 minutes. By saving precious seconds in this process, you can allocate more time to designing beautiful dental restorations for patients.

Improved Articulator Scan

Two scanning modes are supported - static scanning mode and new dynamic scan mode. The latter improves occlusion precision by capturing more detail from the full jaw model. The built-in user-interface is highly intuitive for ease-of-use.

All-In-One Scan Mode

This new all-in-one scan method allows scan of quadrant models, dies at the same time. Another tool to save you time.

Modular Design

More convenient for maintenance and possible for future upgrade.

 Dimensions  26 cm x 27 cm x 42 cm
 Weight  5 kg
 Scan Time

 Bite scan (8 s)

 Upper/lower jaw scan (12 s)

 1-4 die scan (12 s), 5-8 die scan (21 s)

 Impression scan (58 s)

 Camera Resolution  1.3 Megapixel
 Accuracy  < 10 micron
 Light Source  Blue light technology

 Open System: STL, OBJ, PLY