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DentuSil™ Silicone Soft Reline Material

DentuSil™ Silicone Soft Reline Material

Keystone Industries
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DentuSil™ is a chairside soft silicone relining material which combines the ease of cartridge dispensing with the flexibility and resilience of a silicone soft reline material to provide denture patients with a comfortable, reliable reline in just one office visit. DentuSil’s silicone base absorbs less water, making the reline more resistant to stains and odors. Its translucent pink color provides a natural, healthy appearance. Adhesive is specially formulated to hold material in place, providing a secure reline in just minutes.

Contains 10 applications. DentuSil lasts in the mouth for approximately one year and has a shelf life of two years. Easily cleaned with a soft brush.

ShoreA Hardness: 25

Standard Kit Contains:

  • 1x 50 mL Cartridge
  • 1x 14 mL Liquid
  • Mixing Tips