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HP Carbide (Round-End Taper Cross-Cut Fissure, H33R)

HP Carbide (Round-End Taper Cross-Cut Fissure, H33R)

Brasseler USA
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Shape: Round-End Taper Cross-Cut Fissure

Shank: 11-HP Straight Handpiece (44.5 mm)

Applications: Operative

  • Relieve and fit metal castings
  • Reproduce primary and secondary anatomy in metal castings, composite, and ceramic restorations
  • Trim or stipple acrylic appliances, removable prosthetics or trays

Contains: 5/pack

 Item #  US No. Head Size (1/10 mm) Cutting Length (mm)
H33R.11.010 1700
H33R.11.012 1701 012 4.2
H33R.11.016 1702 016 4.4
H33R.11.021 1703 021 4.4