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JetStream Compact 2-Station Dust Collector w/ Vari-Speed Control - Mega Dental Art Supply

JetStream Compact 2-Station Dust Collector

Quatro Air
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JetStream by Quatro Air is a 2-station dust collector engineered for dental laboratory usage. It features a compact design with HEPA filtration system that is quiet and efficient.
  • For sand, quartz, zirconia, ceramic, glass beads, aluminous oxide, alloys, resins, acrylics, gypsum, die-stone
  • Anti-microbial, allergy-safe, SEALBLE filter bag for safe optimal debris capture
  • HEPA Filter, 99.97% efficiency on sub-micron particles
  • Compact space saving design
  • Health-smart, contains anti-microbial bag filter
  • Filter bag system is ideal for precious metal recovery
  • Ultra-quiet performance, Infinite speed control
  • Quick access motor compartment
  • Also included: "T" (#AR019), 2 x 4 ft suction hoses (#H424-04D) 1.5 in diameter (for 1.5 in or 2.5 in accessories)
  • Optional: Foot-pedal or Hand-switch for 6 ft remote Start-Stop, 2-Station Foot-pedal or Hand-switch for remote Start-Stop

Dimensions: 13" x 11" x 15"

Weight: 32 lb