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Ultra Trim™ Temporary Crown and Bridge Bis-Acryl Material

Ultra Trim™ Temporary Crown and Bridge Bis-Acryl Material

Keystone Industries
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Ultra Trim™ is a name well recognized in temporization. Auto-mixed, 50ml cartridge dispensed provisional material will greatly reduce in-office procedure time. Ultra Trim™’s 10:1 base to catalyst ratio provides excellent strength and greater flexibility without brittleness. (The higher the base content, the stronger the restoration). Ultra Trim™ will bond to itself if additional material or repair is necessary.

Available in 3 shades: A1 (light), A2 (universal), and A3.5 (dark).

Cartridge should be bled before every use to ensure base and catalyst go into the dispensing tip evenly. A 10:1 tip and dispenser must be used with the 50 ml cartridges. Bosworth dispensing guns are phasing to a universal gun. Universal gun fits the following 50 ml cartridges: 1:1/2:1, 4:1, & 10:1. Universal gun kit contains three slides.

Standard Kit Contains:

  • 50 mL Cartridge
  • E-Z Squeeze Universal Dispenser
  • 12 cc Glaze
  • 12 cc Glaze Solvent
  • 15 Mixing Tips