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Zircom Sintering Furnace

Zircom Sintering Furnace

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Zircom Sintering Furnace features quick firing program, consistent sintering, uniform heat distribution. It is made in Japan.


  • Power: 220V, 50/60 Hz
  • Firing platform: 3.74"
  • Max temp: 1600 deg C
  • 4x Heating Elements (Molybdenum Disilicide)
  • Overall dimensions: 12" x 25" x 18"
  • Includes 2 year manufacturer warranty


  • Programmable up to 100 courses with 20 steps for wide range of zirconia
  • Molybdenum Disilicide heating element provides clean, reliable, and consistent results
  • Normal and quick firing options
  • SD card slot can be used to create programs at PC by CSV file to update the software
  • Uniform heat distribution