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Automatic Steam Cleaner & De-Waxer

Automatic Steam Cleaner & De-Waxer

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The Automatic Steam Cleaner & De-Waxer makes the de-waxing process easy and clean. No more tedious and messy process. And it only takes 10 minutes!!

Here's how:

1. Place the prepared flasks (fits up to 12 standard flasks) into the machine

2. Press start. Wait 10 minutes.

3. Once alarm sounds, open the door and rinse away any remnant wax with the hot water gun.

4. Proceed to resin injection.

The machine is also equipped with a steam gun. No need to spend ~$1,200 on a separate steam gun. It generates steam in less than 10 seconds without connecting to a separate tank. Simply connect to the water line.

Save precious lab time and money using the Automatic Steam Cleaner & De-Waxer, available exclusively through MegaDAS in USA.