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GC Initial IQ, One Body, Press-Over Zircon Set - Mega Dental Art Supply

GC Initial IQ, One Body, Press-Over Zircon Set

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GC Initial IQ - One Body, Press-over-Zircon (POZ) is a feldspar-based ceramic that demonstrates outstanding life-like aesthetics and merges both the pressable and CAD/CAM technologies. This product is part of a new concept of pre-blended effect ingots in combination with the 3-dimensional Lustre Pastes, which exhibits vitality and a natural glaze in one bake. This new development is standardized, compact and easy to use. By using this unique "One Body Concept," you are making better use of your time and can now enjoy the benefits of higher accuracy, fewer remakes and optimized productivity without sacrificing customer service or quality. GC America encourages everyone to introduce GC Initial IQ – One Body Press-over-Zircon in your lab to maximize your existing resources and get a higher revenue from your dental business.


  • 4 x (3 g) Frame Modifiers (PFM-1, PFM-2, PFM-3 and PFM-4)
  • 5 x (50 g) Effect Press Ingots (A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2 and D2)
  • Modeling liquid
  • Ring Base System Medium (200g)
  • Silicone Ring
  • 10 x One Way Press Plungers for Pellets (2g)


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