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iVAC 2.B SINGLE INFINITY Self-Cleaning Dust Collector

iVAC 2.B SINGLE INFINITY Self-Cleaning Dust Collector

Quatro Air
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iVAC 2.B SINGLE INFINITY by Quatro Air is a self-cleaning dust collector engineered for dental laboratory usage.
  • For sand, quartz, zirconia, ceramic, glass beads, aluminous oxide, alloys, resins, acrylics, gypsum, die-stone
  • Newly designed, heavy-duty main filter for larger particle removal
  • Improved, more efficient self-cleaning system
  • HEPA filter, 99.97% efficiency on sub-micron particles like fine zirconia dust in CAD/CAM milling
  • Hybrid INFINITY motor for extra power and prolonged motor life
  • Easy access to the motors and filters
  • Separate access doors: remove debris without having to access filter section
  • Fully automatic, self-activating Filter Cleaning System (FCS) with “No-Touch” Filter Cleaning
  • Alerts you when filters need replacement
  • Debris storage capacity of 3.2 US Gallons (12.1 litres)
  • ASV ready: Auto-Start Valves help control airflow AND remotely start/stop the unit at each workstation
  • Also included: Hand-switch for 6 ft remote Start-Stop, 2x 6 ft suction hose 1.5 in diameter
  • Optional: Silencer for noise suppression (#H250), Foot-pedal or Hand-switch for 6 ft remote Start-Stop, ASV Unit Cable (#AE750)


Dimensions: 24.5" x 14.4" x 15.2"

Weight: 65 lb