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Zhermack Elite Rock Die Stone Type IV - Mega Dental Art Supply

Zhermack Elite Rock Die Stone Type IV

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Elite Rock Type IV Die Stone by Zhermack has an ideal balance of thixotropy and fluidity. It simplifies the mixing process in creating the model die. It exhibits high compressive strength, reduced abrasion, and high precision. It offers low expansion even beyond 48 hours.

It is scannable only in Silver Grey.

Indications for use: production of models and removable dies in fixed and removable prosthesis

Note: Provided image is a small 3 kg package. Our product is for 25 kg.



 25 kg


 Silver Grey, Sandy Brown


 Setting Time

 14 min

 Water : Powder Ratio  20 mL : 100 g
 Compressive Strength  11,750 psi
 Expansion  0.08%